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A Touching Courthouse Adoption Photo Shoot

My last shoot brought out allllll the feels, but most of all, love.

I was so honored to meet this family and to document the adoption of their precious young girl. From the moment I strolled up to the courthouse, I recognized what an eventful day it was for this family and I felt so in tune with the raw emotion.

They had taken care of their baby, Lola (now nearly three years old), since her birth and were truly already a unified family. Time passed by and she became one of their own.This day was alike a marriage, simply tying the knot.

Love was all around that small courthouse room. From the way Lola tugged on her sister's dress to the way she called out "mommy" in her tiny voice only to be met with smiles and kisses every time.

The Judge went on to ask the parents why they thought Lola was best off in their care. Their responses left me teary eyed as the room learned of their home rituals, the way that the girls played and loved, the fact that they couldn't possibly live without her. It is undoubtedly clear that she is where she belongs.

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