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Maureen's Natural Spring Head Shots at Stafford Forge, NJ

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Hey friends! Today had me reminiscing on this lovely shoot! Maureen is not only a dedicated wife and mother of four, but is also a talented and experienced hairstylist at Splashes Salon in Tuckerton, NJ. Outside of her family and work, Maureen especially loves dogs, plants, and cooking. This shoot truly depicts Maureen's natural and carefree nature out in the Pine Barrens. This shoot gave us the chance to really walk around the tall grass and even dip our feet in the water, it hardly felt like work at all as we told stories and kept one another laughing the entire time. I love effortless clients like Maureen, it was such a positive experience overall and we were both SO stoked with the finished results!

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