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Matic Newborn Session | Newborn Lifestyle Photography | Ocean County, New Jersey

My first consultation with the Matic family was when April was already 37 weeks pregnant when she reached out to book a maternity shoot. My tightly booked schedule miraculously left us a Sunday morning open, yet we'd soon find that little Liam would arrive quickly after our booking! Following the birth of Liam, we had to postpone his shoot as mom and baby spent an extended amount of recovery time in the hospital.

The stars finally aligned and the Matic family shoot was on with Liam for January 12th, Liam still in his sleepy newborn stage (the absolute sweetest).

Meeting this family and being so kindly welcomed into their stunning home was so special.

Lifestyle photography is so beautiful as it really captures the everyday. Nursery feedings, family snuggles on the couch, and moments inside ones own home will go down as some of the most prominent memories in one's life. I love the naturalistic approach to lifestyle photos as my directing and posing is light and the raw interaction truly takes charge.

I can't wait to follow this sweet family through other major milestones.

From the moment I entered the Matic home, I could see the pure love surrounding sweet Liam. I made my way up to Liam's amazing nursery where he was hangin' with his loving Dad, Albert, as mom was still getting ready.

Reminiscing on the first week of bringing my own daughter home, I have never been so sleep deprived in. my. life. Despite the new parents sharing that their little was waking in the night, you'd never think they missed a wink because they both looked AMAZING! April especially looked SO stunning in her formal wear and equally in her casual clothing, talk about a good looking family.

Lifestyle Photography sessions are ideal for those craving a naturalistic approach to their photos, less curated and more REAL. Lifestyle is ideal for newborn photos as the small moments: when trying to swaddle the new baby and forgetting how breaks out the authentic giggles from mom and dad, when baby spits up and needs a whole outfit change mid session. When it comes to this style, I love to capture your natural interactions and capture the unique beauty in your family.

If you are interested in booking your own lifestyle photography shoot whether it be for newborn photos, a steamy couple session, a family full of kids, or truly any scenario in between, I'd love to hear from you.

Sage Lynn Photography

Ocean County, NJ + Beyond

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