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My Photography Story- The Inside Scoop on my Journey & Finding my "Why"

Hey guys! This topic is something I've been getting tons of questions on lately and so I thought making it this week's blog post would be the perfect way to shed some light! Frequently, I am asked what sparked my interest in photography, so here's my best shot at the summed up version. So- it's clear that I wear many hats: wife, toddler mama, homemaker, full time psychology student (and almost done, woot woot), crafter, and now I've added photographer to the list, after all, I seem to work best in this midst of chaos (wink, wink).

Ironically enough, my great grandfather was a hobbyist photographer, and a good one at that, so maybe I inherited a little something from him! Despite this, my initial interest in photography stemmed from inheriting an older DSLR my freshman year of High School that I sporadically messed around with (shooting mostly in automatic- yikes)! I went on to join the yearbook club all throughout my High School years and eventually worked my way up to rank as the editor my senior year. Our book won national recognition that year and I was incredibly proud. It was at this point that I recognized my love for quality work and photos. Throughout my earlier college years I would take photos of my university friends and even created a hobby photography Instagram account to keep family updated (don't worry- it has been longgggg deleted, but be sure to check out my updated one, ha-ha)!

Rewind back to two years ago, the Christmas before my daughter was born, my husband totally surprised me with a new DSLR after hearing me gawk over them online. With that, I was DETERMINED to figure out the ins and outs and to be able to document my daughter growing up. After many Youtube videos and a couple of courses, I felt that I was on my way. Multiple times a week I would reach for my camera to catch my sweet baby Everly crawling around the living room or to catch her post-lunch sweet potato baby food mustache- any and every moment, I was there snapping away, and with that, learning away.

Before long, friends and family were messaging me on Facebook asking that I catch their precious moments too! This was so flattering yet so frightening- was I actually qualified? Was I prepared enough? My first official photo shoot was through a bargain with a family friend. I insisted that she kept the bar set low as I was SO nervous (somehow I doubted myself despite knowing what I was doing). She went on to share those photos, drawing even more attraction to myself. And like tumbleweed, it's been nonstop action from there.

While still relatively fresh, my confidence has surely grown as my own unique style and brand has emerged. To me, humans are reminiscent creatures at heart. Being a photographer has allowed me to capture moments of the lives of others where someday their kids will snuggle around an old cardboard box filled with precious photos, with some of my own work tucked in between the prints. To me, there is nothing more precious than the chance to relive: two sets of hands tightly clenched together at the altar, the fresh peak of a newborn’s eyes, the crisp laugh lines on grandpa’s face. There is so much worth remembering in the seemingly mundane moments, and hearing the equally joyful reactions from clients to my own excitement makes the work well worth it.


Sage Lynn

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